TouchOne G3
Introducing the next generation in purpose
built, wall mounted touchscreens for home,
office and retail / hospitality.

TouchOne is a reliable, flexible and quick to install, wall mounted Android touchscreen.

Allowing you to create an intuitive and secure touchscreen user interface for any use case.


Same screen size, no bulk

TouchOne was built from the ground up to be reliable and mounted. No more unreliable consumer grade tablets shoved inside a bulky and elaborate mount to hide the cables plugged into the side. TouchOne also doesn’t require an expensive proprietary controller and complicated configuration software, removing expensive hardware, programming and installation costs.


TouchOne is the only user interface on the market that uses the PI-1 microcontroller and supervised power supply. PI-1 is a dedicated piece of hardware that continuously monitors the device’s status and automatically restores the device in the case of a software failure, giving you unmatched uptime and reliability.

Quick and easy to install

Runs on 12V DC
Easily mounts to a single gang flush box
Surface Mounted
Remote Management

So, where will you use TouchOne?

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