So, where will you use TouchOne?

TouchOne at Home

TouchOne at Work

TouchOne in Retail / Hospitality

TouchOne for Exhibits

TouchOne is perfect for when you need to demo your app based product.

With TouchOne’s non descript styling, your product will be the front and centre of the demonstration.

TouchOne’s many mounting options make it perfect for a showroom or exhibition environment without concern of your expensive mobile phone or tablet getting lost, stolen or running out of battery.

TouchOne for Resale

Retailer, Wholesaler or Product Developer?

If you are selling a product that could benefit from a reliable and mountable Android touchscreen, we can work with you. TouchOne can be packaged in specific retail packaging and be sold with volume price breaks.

TouchOne for OEM / Product Developers

Like the idea but want to make a small (or big) change?

Our custom development division has customised TouchOne for brands selling them in the thousands. Whether it’s just custom branding or packaging, all the way to custom developed enclosures and touch panels to fit your aesthetic style, we can build a custom user interface to fit your needs, based on our proven and reliable platform.

TouchOne for you